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Peter Millar & J.T. Spencer Custom Belts

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Our belt is 1.25" wide and stitched on premium luxury cotton before being finished with a full grain, rich mahogany leather and solid brass buckle plated in an elegant brushed nickel finish. Proudly Made in USA.

For the best fit please add 2 inches to a men's pant size.  For example, a person who wears size 36 pant would wear a 38 in JT Spencer belts.  For odd sized waists please add 3 inches to the belt size (ie. 35 inch waist wears a 38 inch JT Spencer belt).

JT Spencer began with a dream of manufacturing high quality custom logo belts right here in the USA that could be sold at high end golf and country clubs.  The Original Embroidered Belt hit the market and quickly began to gain momentum with pro shops all across the country.  After establishing a strong foothold in the golf market JT Spencer forged a partnership with Peter Millar who made our company an official licensee of their brand and greatly expanded our customer base in the golf business domestically and abroad.  

In the years that have passed since our beginnings as a golf enterprise JT Spencer has expanded into a myriad of other industries.  Our custom business has grown to include yacht and athletic clubs, schools, companies and a variety of other affinity groups that want to show pride in their organization.  Through our relationship with Peter Millar our products can also be found sporting officially licensed logos of the finest universities and colleges all across America.  Aside from our custom business we still offer a catalog of belt and other embroidered products sold online and through our retail partners.  With designs that cover everything from the time-honored American Flag to the quirky Beer Pong we make every effort to offer motifs on our timeless and classically styled products that appeal to everyone.     

Based in Richmond, Virginia our team takes great pride in offering our customers the highest quality belt made from only the finest materials.  Additionally, we strive to have the best customer care team in the business and to make sure that our customers are always happy when they do business with us.  Building this company has been an amazing journey and we only have all of our customers to thank for that.  Our mission is to continue to provide high quality products at reasonable prices and to do it all from our manufacturing facility in Virginia.  

Thank you for your patronage of JT Spencer and for your continued support of our mission.  

Steve & Spens